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"Nine Sons of Dan hit the stage, proving that the pop rock genre is still alive in Brisbane and as addictive as ever. Nine Sons of Dan caught the attention of the crowd and held it with their on stage antics, catchy pop rock lyrics and melodies. These boys have both the on stage personas and musical talent to make anyone want to forget all pretences and just dance along".
- Faster Louder

"Nine Sons of Dan have a true rock sound with a great hook. They represent a sound that is an easy fit for Australian rock playlists".
- Andrew Very, NSW Group Content Director, Southern Cross Austereo

"I first saw these guys play at Revolver here in Melbourne a while back and they blew me away with their unique catchy pop/rock/punkish kinda sound and I was hooked. I was totally getting into their tunes. These guys have got a huge future ahead of them."
- Parx-e.com

Fun, young and full of rocking energy - Gold Coast (Australia) band Nine Sons of Dan have catapulted radio station and industry reps claims they are the "next big thing". Currently on radio rotations throughout Australia and the US echoes the notion that these guys have well and truly arrived as a band.

Forming in 2008 in the name of good times and an exclusive group of friends, Nine Sons Of Dan unleashed their debut EP Landslide in 2010 alongside first single "Cities", complete with a slick video. Backing up, single two is the charming "She's So Fine" featuring Paramore guitarist Justin York.

After taking out the national New Artist to Radio competition for 2011 with the hit single "She's So Fine" from the debut EP Landslide (produced by Matthew Bartlem), Nine Sons of Dan obtained airplay to the tune of $1.3 million.

"We knew we had good music that was catchy and that we really enjoyed. But to get the nod from all the head people in commercial radio was a real honour for our band. People are starting to understand who we are," says vocalist and front man Jay Bainbridge from Loose Stones Studios where his band currently works on the follow up release to their successful debut.

Beating out over 300 entrants, NSOD were selected as the New Artist winners by a panel of leading music and program directors of commercial radio stations to back up the Hot Tomato's Uncovered competition win in 2010 and a rocking debut on the Big Day Out festival line-up. The band went on to support US rockers Good Charlotte, perform at the 2011 Australian Commercial Radio Awards held on the Gold Coast and achieve the number one position on the AIR Radio Charts.

"We didn't think the last EP would last as long as it did and for She's So Fine to be such a hit," admits band drummer and colourful character Morgan "Flakey" Blake. "Now we get to be the band we want to be. We've gotten ourselves to this point and we mean everything we do."

Working together on a university recording project has evolved into a successfully touring band consisting of Jay Bainbridge (Vocals), Daniel Cox (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Alex Pundyk (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Morgan 'Flakey' Blake (Drums).

With the addition of bassist Wil Edgar in late 2010, frontman Bainbridge frees his ability to interact with the audience to convey his lyrics. The Californian-born singer moved to Australia at the age of 13, eluding his fate of becoming another typical "OC kid". Upon finding his musical brothers in a new environment, a motivated group began creating their own destiny.

NSOD's debut Landslide even made waves in the music scene overseas. It was added to the rotation of 140 radio stations in the USA, reaching the Top 30 Most Played charts at 12 stations, 6 of which charted the record in the Top 10. In the first week alone, Landslide received a prestigious CMJ Add from WNSU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As a tight unit, Nine Sons of Dan's continue to attract internationally successful artists wanting to assist the Aussies with their much-anticipated follow up EP. Titled The New Kids, the forthcoming release will again be produced by Matthew Bartlem.

"For us, being in the studio is about getting our ass kicked. That's the foundation of the personality of our band," says Blake.

"We're all wild guys and we love to play live and rock out as much as possible. When we come back into the studio, it's the reminder of how good we actually need to be. We don't have a problem with learning from other people. As fun as it is, it's that harsh reminder to get better at what you are doing," Bainbridge adds.

J.R. McNeally (Anberlin/Paramore) mixed first single Diamond Skin while the remaining five songs will be left in the hands of the highly reputable Forrester Savell (Karnivool/The Butterfly Effect/Dead Letter Circus). The 6 track EP will be released worldwide June 2012, coinciding with a national tour.

It's onstage where NSOD are truly at home. The young sons humbly began independently booking shows up and down the east coast, developing a strong live presence that landed them in front of crowds in excess of 20,000. Thriving on living the dream, NSOD will join the Rock the Schools tour beginning in April before another national headliner in support of the newest EP that reflects where the band is today.

"When you start to get a name for yourself, people try to drag you down a lot,'' the singer verbalises. "A lot of the lyrics are about the struggle of trying to just do what you are passionate about. I want people to know how ridiculously exciting it is for us five guys to be touring around to play for them."

The drummer backs up his front man affirming, "We've been given the opportunity to launch ourselves and now we want to prove our worth with this EP."

In the words of "Diamond Skin"…try stop us and we'll grow stronger! The question is just how far can NSOD go?




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